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How Second Jobs And Side Businesses Affect Workers’ Compensation Benefits

You have come to the right place if you were injured at a second job or while engaged in a side business in Connecticut. Gillis Law Firm has ample experience helping ensure that injured workers receive all compensation they are eligible for, including workers who got hurt while moonlighting.

In most cases, if you are unable to do both of your jobs because of an injury at either one, you are allowed to combine the income for both of your jobs when making your workers’ compensation claim. If you have been living off of two paychecks, the workers’ compensation system allows you to consider the income as a consolidated whole. This can help boost the amount of benefits that you receive after being injured at your second job, side business or primary job. Some of your benefits may come from the workers’ compensation second injury fund managed by the state of Connecticut.

Consult With A Lawyer At Gillis Law Firm

Insurance issues in any injury case tend to become complicated fairly quickly after a serious accident. A workplace injury is no exception. Working closely with an experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to ensure that no benefits you should receive are overlooked.

Attorneys at Gillis Law Firm have been hard at work obtaining workers’ compensation benefits for injured workers since 1978. We have successfully obtained benefits on behalf of law enforcement officers, office workers, health care workers, retail workers, construction workers and general laborers who have suffered serious injuries such as falls, burn injuries, amputations, broken bones and more.

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At Gillis Law Firm, initial consultations are free. We are available to consult with you during evening and weekend appointments. We pride ourselves on keeping our services convenient and accessible to all. A Spanish-speaking paralegal can make communication easier for injured Hispanic workers. We do not charge fees until you have recovered compensation. Our office in downtown New Haven is conveniently located next to the courthouse with ample free parking nearby.
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