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Helping Injured Health Care Workers Recover The Compensation They Deserve

Have you been injured while working as a health care provider? You are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that medical workers are among the highest risk group for workplace injury. The CDC also states that health care providers pursue and obtain more workers’ compensation benefits than almost any other profession.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you have been injured while working in a clinic, hospital, nursing home or other care facility, in the New Haven area, the nursing injury attorneys of Gillis Law Firm can help you. Our partners have both practiced workers’ compensation law for more than 20 years, and our firm has helped hundreds of health care workers throughout Connecticut, including:

  • Nurses
  • Nurses’ assistants
  • Care attendants in short- and long-term care facilities

Have you been injured while providing care at a clinic, hospital or nursing home, or while providing care at a patient’s home? Contact Gillis Law Firm for experienced legal help. Call 866-603-9810.

Health Care Industry Cases We’ve Handled

A majority of injuries experienced by health care workers occur while lifting and moving patients, and from falls. Slippery surface, the lack of available help and broken and absent equipment can all contribute to falls and to lifting injuries.

We have handled numerous cases resulting from fall and lift accidents and can provide experienced help. If it is necessary to file a case, we can plan the strategy, gather the information needed to support your claim, keep track of important deadlines and represent you in hearings before a workers’ compensation judge.

About Lifting Injuries Or Injuries From Moving Patients

The weight of an adult human body usually exceeds the weight that another person can safely lift. The cumbersome shape of the human body makes the lifting of another person additionally difficult. If the person lifted is uncooperative, a further challenge is introduced.

Yet, as a nursing home employee, you deserve a safe environment and you have the right to perform tasks that you can perform safely and without injury. Lifting injuries may include injuries to the neck, arms, back, rotator cuff, knees and other areas of the body. When injuries occur, you deserve compensation.

Take Action Today

Do not hesitate to pursue a workers’ compensation claim out of fear; it is illegal for your employer to punish or fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, contact our lawyers for immediate help. Arrange a free consultation online, or by calling 866-603-9810. Learn about our “no recovery, no fee” policy, and get the help you deserve today. Se habla español.