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Skilled Handling Of Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

Each type of motor vehicle accident can bring with it its own unique legal challenges. Laws governing vehicle maintenance, insurance and statutes of limitations/deadlines can vary between semitruck, municipal vehicle, bus and pedestrian accidents. The same holds true for commercial vehicles. For example, commercial vehicle accidents may give rise to the questions:

  • Was the driver on duty when the accident occurred?
  • What insurance coverage applies, that of the driver, the owner of the vehicle or the owner of the products being transported?
  • What regulations, if any, govern the driver who caused the accident?

Legal Help From A Personal Injury Firm Serving Connecticut Since 1978

At Gillis Law Firm, our Connecticut commercial vehicle accident lawyers have handled the full complexities of commercial vehicle accidents in dozens of cases. We are skilled at addressing and resolving legal issues regarding driver status and insurance coverage. In these cases, we often work with our network of medical experts, investigators, economists, accident reconstructionists and others to prepare a strongest-possible case for negotiations and trial.

Have you been injured in a truck or commercial vehicle accident? Contact a law firm that has provided personal injury law legal services to the New Haven area for more than 35 years. Call Gillis Law Firm at 866-603-9810.

Experienced At Handling Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases

Firm partners Joseph L. Gillis and Edward M. Gillis each have over 20 years of experience handling commercial vehicle accident cases. Our efforts have resulted in millions of dollars of cumulative compensation for injured clients.

A commercial vehicle can include any vehicle that is owned and registered by a business. We handle cases involving all types of commercial vehicles, including dump trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, fleet vehicles and company cars.

Our attorneys are skilled at investigating commercial vehicle accidents. We work quickly to secure and collect evidence for our clients’ cases, including witness statements, black box data, GPS information and other evidence. Through thorough investigation and preparation, we will work to pursue full and fair compensation in your accident case, including medical expenses, lost wages and damages for your pain and suffering.

Dump Truck

Dump trucks are a common presence on Connecticut roads, and are used for everything from moving construction materials to delivering sand and dirt. Unfortunately, negligence on the part of dump truck drivers and the companies that hire them can have serious consequences. A dump truck can weigh more than 65,000 pounds when fully loaded. Because of the size difference between dump trucks and conventional vehicles, drivers and passengers in smaller cars are at risk of suffering severe and catastrophic injuries when colliding with a dump truck.

Our attorneys can help you pursue all sources of compensation for your commercial vehicle injury. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the dump truck driver, the trucking company or another party may be liable for damages. In some cases, injury victims can pursue compensation from multiple sources. We will help you explore all of your legal options so you can pursue maximum compensation for your dump truck accident injuries.

Tow Truck

Like other accidents, tow truck accidents can be caused by driver negligence, including distracted driving, speeding and reckless driving. Tow truck accidents can also be caused by the tow truck dropping the vehicle that it is hauling. When a vehicle is dropped from a tow truck, it immediately puts other drivers and passengers on the road at risk. Any driver who was following the tow truck must react within seconds to avoid a collision.

Moreover, tow trucks are typically much heavier than the vehicles they collide with, especially if the tow truck is hauling another vehicle. Because of this size and weight differential, accidents involving tow trucks often result in serious and catastrophic injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tow truck accident, the attorneys at the Gillis Law Firm are here to offer you experienced guidance and strong advocacy.

Fleet Vehicles And Company Cars

Fleet vehicles such as delivery vans and trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks and rental cars can cause serious injuries if operated by negligent drivers. These vehicles are often owned by large companies with teams of lawyers to defend against injury lawsuits. For this reason, it is important to consult with a lawyer who has the experience to even the playing field. At the Gillis Law Firm, our attorneys have significant experience handling fleet and commercial vehicle accident claims for clients in New Haven and throughout Connecticut.

When a motor vehicle accident involves a company car, both the driver and the company that owns the car can be held liable for damages, depending on the circumstances. Factors that may influence the outcome include the conduct of the driver leading to the accident and whether the company knew the driver to have an unsafe driving record.

Delivery Trucks

Delivery truck drivers spend long hours on the road. Not only does the increased driving time increase the likelihood of an accident, but fatigue, distractions, drunk driving and other factors can put other drivers at risk. Worse still, they are often in a hurry to deliver mail, packages, food and other products.

All of this can lead to negligent, careless or reckless behavior such as:

  • Failing to signal or check their blind spot when changing lanes
  • Speeding through traffic to get to their destination
  • Making an illegal turn or backing up on the road in order to find an address
  • Unexpectedly stopping in front of another vehicle to make a delivery
  • Overloading or failing to secure cargo

These actions and other negligent acts by delivery drivers can lead to serious injuries and, in some tragic cases, the death of a loved one. At our firm, we help clients who have sustained any type of injury, from traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord damage, secure the compensation they need and deserve after an accident. We also represent families who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident with a delivery vehicle, helping them hold the negligent driver accountable through a wrongful death action.

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