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Getting The Help You Need For Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries can be unusually frustrating for a variety of reasons. Pain, spasms and limited range of motion can be severe and can last for years. Fluid and calcium accumulations can worsen the injury. Adding to the challenges is the fact that rotator tears can be difficult to detect and even invisible.

Comprehensive Assistance From A Compassionate Team

If you are a Connecticut resident who has experienced a rotator cuff injury from an auto accident or another accident, have your case investigated by experienced New Haven rotator cuff injury lawyers at Gillis Law Firm. It’s likely important that an MRI be conducted to determine the nature and extent of injuries and to determine if arthroscopic surgery is necessary. We can assist you with this and with your legal claim.

Gillis Law Firm has handled thousands of soft tissue, tendon and other injury claims since 1978, and can provide diligent and experienced legal help following rotator cuff injuries. For a no-charge consultation, please call 866-603-9810.

Thorough Investigation, Maximum Possible Compensation

We can review the legal issues of your claim, investigate your accident and negotiate and litigate for your highest-possible recovery. We know that shoulder injuries are painful and prevent you from working, performing ordinary tasks and enjoying the activities of daily living. We can document your injuries and aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve. If your accident occurred in the workplace, we can also help with your workers’ compensation claim.

866-603-9810 handles injury cases on a contingency fee basis: you pay no legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. We are available for evening and weekend appointments, and our team includes a Spanish-speaking paralegal. There is free parking near our office, which is next to the New Haven courthouse. When seeking legal help is this easy, what are you waiting for?

Get The Help You Need, Now

To schedule your free case evaluation appointment with a New Haven injury attorney at Gillis Law Firm, please call 866-603-9810.