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Recovering Compensation For Employees Injured By Dangerous Workplace Equipment

Almost all professions involve working with some manner of equipment. From construction workers who work with all manner of large heavy machinery such as cranes, earth movers and power tools to deli counter clerks working with meat slicers, workers across a wide range of professions face the possibility of injury from the equipment they work with if it is defective, misused or simply encounters unforeseen circumstances.

Workers are often very aware of how to safely operate the equipment they use on a regular basis. But, when unforeseen circumstances are encountered, what would have been safe operation can lead to serious injury or death. For example, a construction worker may have extensive experience working with a concrete saw. On a particular job, that worker may have been asked to saw into concrete which no one was aware contained rebar. Upon sawing into the concrete and striking the rebar, the saw kicks back amputating several fingers.

Any equipment can become dangerous equipment in the wrong situation. If you were injured on the job by dangerous equipment, you deserve to be taken care of.

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At Gillis Law Firm, we know how dangerous the workplace can be. Equipment that you work with every day can leave you seriously injured and unable to work. You need to know that you will have access to the medical care you need to get better and that you will have the financial support you need to be able to weather those difficult times. Our attorneys have been helping injured workers since 1978. We have helped thousands of people secure the full workers’ compensation benefits they were entitled to, and we can help you.

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