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How to spot a distracted driver

Imagine you are driving home from work at the end of a long day. You are tired, stressed and thinking about how glad you'll be to unwind when you drive through an intersection on a green light. Out of nowhere, a car blazes into the intersection and broadsides your car. Instead of going home, you wind up going to the emergency room with serious injuries.

For too many people, this is not an imaginary scenario; it's a very real situation caused by a distracted driver. In an effort to try and prevent these devastating crashes, it can be helpful to know what the signs are that a driver might be distracted.

Whiplash: recognizing the signs and how is it treated?

Whiplash describes the motion of your head and neck when it is suddenly accelerated and then snapped backwards from swift deceleration, resulting in a whipping motion. Whiplash injuries occur when the soft tissues of your neck are over extended. The fast back and forth motion extends your tissue beyond the normal range of motion, resulting in pain and sensitivity. Most whiplash cases are the result of a car accident, especially rear end collisions.

Whiplash can result in strained or sprained neck muscles. While those two ailments are often used interchangeably a sprain refers to the stretching or tearing of ligaments and a strain applies to muscle tissue or tendon injuries.

Common injuries on construction sites

Working on a construction site can be very dangerous. Construction workers understand this better than anyone. Not only is the work rigorous, but there can be significant risks for personal injuries, as well. The CDC reports that for every 100 full-time construction workers, 4.3 will experience a nonfatal injury or illness pertaining to work.

There are a few common types of construction injuries. The specifics of these injuries can vary depending on the severity, the cause, and the location where the injury took place. These are a few common types of construction injuries:

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