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Road rage incident leaves motorcyclist with serious injuries

Driving in New Haven can be frustrating, especially when it seems as though no one else is paying attention to what they are doing on the road. Distracted drivers can put others in harm's way, and heavy traffic can slow the progress of individuals who just want to get home after work. With all of the problems that can develop on the streets and highways around the city, it is not surprising that from time to time a person's temper rises.

Road rage happens when a person allows their frustration to manifest in unsafe driving practices. Recently, a road rage incident happened in Orange between a vehicle driver and a motorcyclist. The pair of drivers allegedly exchanged words while operating their vehicles when the automobile driver swerved into the motorcyclist and drove off.

What to do after a workers’ comp claim is denied

It’s important to understand that valid workers’ compensation claims are commonly denied by workers’ compensation boards across the country. Many of these insurers would rather keep a profit from your employer than pay out for your medical costs if they can help it.

However, a denied workers’ compensation claim doesn’t necessarily mean that your injury can’t be covered. Here’s what to do to get the benefits you deserve.

What types of burns can Connecticut workers suffer?

A minor burn can be an irritation that a person must live with until it heals. Some people suffer burns when they stay in the sun for too long without skin protection, and others have made the painful mistake of grabbing hot pans without pads for their hands. Burns can be suffered in many different ways, and workers are susceptible to burns from many different sources.

The most commonly recognized burns come from touching hot surfaces. Workers can suffer these painful injuries whether they work in industrial facilities, restaurants or even manufacturing. In addition to hot surfaces, burns can arise when individuals have contact with hot liquids or steam.

Extra care is required near child pedestrians

Ask any New Haven parent and they will tell you that living with a child is an adventure. Though their emotions can be strong and their impulses can be unpredictable, children are generally full of joy and easy to love. However, all children can find themselves in dangerous situations when they are on or near local roads. Children that are pedestrians can be hurt or even killed when drivers fail to take extra precautions in their presence.

There are several reasons that child pedestrians are often the victims of collisions with automobiles. One reason is that they are small and often hard for drivers to see. A child who does not stand higher than the hood of a vehicle may be difficult for a driver to view if they run out into a street. Drivers who operate their vehicles while distracted can put children in danger since they are even less likely to see the kids.

When another person's negligence causes a victim to suffer losses

From an early age, some children will learn that life is not always fair. In households across Connecticut, brothers and sisters may find that they are punished for the actions of their siblings regardless of their involvement in any alleged wrongdoing. They may be asked to help in ways that are unrelated to any problems that they caused or they may be put to work on projects that have no apparent bearing on their lives. Sometimes people have to pick up the slack for others and it may not always seem like the just thing to do.

However, when it comes to personal injuries and litigation, victims should not have to carry the burdens for those who caused their harm. For example, when a drunk driver causes a vehicle accident and a victim suffers a broken bone, that victim should not have to absorb the costs of healing themselves: the party that harmed them should be held accountable for the damage they inflicted.

What can victims do after motor vehicle accidents?

Car accidents happen on New Haven streets each day, although many of them are minor collisions. They may not result in injuries, and in some cases the vehicles involved may be able to drive away without incident. The parties who were affected by the crashes may be able to handle the recovery of their losses through negotiations with the others' insurers.

However, not all accidents are this simple. When serious collisions occur, victims may suffer personal injuries, property damages and other significant losses. The financial toll of getting back on their feet may be astronomical, and they may not be able to return to their regular life without support and rehabilitation. The first thing a victim should do is to ensure their physical injuries are treated.

Rights of trespassers who suffer slip-and-fall accidents

New Haven residents may choose to invite friends and family members over to their homes in order to celebrate holidays or other special events. Before their guests arrive, they may make preparations, such as ordering food and having their home cleaned. If they need to do repairs to important areas of their home where their guests may go, they may undertake home projects to ensure that those who they invited over will be safe.

Homeowners undertake these steps because they want their guests to be safe from any problems that may exist in their homes. They know that they will have individuals who are unfamiliar with their homes' quirks in them; therefore, they must make it safe from issues that could be hidden from the eyes of their visitors. However, when a property owner does not know that someone is going to be going on their land or in their home, they may not prepare their property or residence for safety.

When a large truck causes a crash, who is responsible?

Large trucks and commercial vehicles haul goods across the country with efficiency and care. The drivers who operate such vehicles are required to hold special licenses to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the special rules and characteristics that apply to 18-wheelers and other massive automobiles. However, despite the many precautions and regulations that are in place to manage the safety of large trucks on the roads, many are involved in dangerous collisions that put the lives of Connecticut residents at risk.

When a truck accident happens, it can be obvious for a victim to want to hold the driver of the truck responsible. After all, that individual is the one who was operating the truck when it caused the victim to suffer their injuries and harm. However, it is important that victims look beyond truck drivers when they are considering liability for their losses.

Is my injury bad enough to seek workers’ compensation?

Some jobs are more likely to result in injury than others. Cooks, for example, can easily get burned or cut while working with hot surfaces and sharp objects on a daily basis. So, when does an injury you receive at work actually call for a workers’ compensation claim?

Here are a few of the basics to help you know.

Loss is a requirement of a negligence-based personal injury claim

Negligence happens in many different situations. It can occur on the roads when a driver fails to check their blind spot, colliding with another vehicle. It can happen when a store owner fails to clean up spilled water on the floor of their establishment and a customer slips and falls. Negligence leads to many accidents in New Haven each year, and claims based on negligence must successfully plead certain elements.

Duty, breach of duty and causation are often the focal points of negligence-based claims, and they are incredibly important. An acting party must owe their victim a duty of care in order to be held liable based on negligence, and the actions of the acting party must actually cause the victim to suffer. An element that is sometimes presumed in a negligence case that must be proven, though, is injury or loss. Without a loss or injury, a victim may have nothing to be compensated for.

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