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Which workers are at the greatest risk of harm in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

In Connecticut, the employment landscape varies widely, but certain jobs stand out due to their higher risks. These occupations, essential to the economy and infrastructure of the state, often involve working in physically demanding, hazardous conditions.

Among these, five occupations are notably recognized for their high risk level in Connecticut. Each of these jobs plays a crucial role in the state’s functioning, yet they come with challenges and hazards that set them apart regarding workplace safety.

Education and healthcare workers

Education and healthcare workers are grouped into one category when it comes to safety statistics in Connecticut. In 2022 alone, workers in this category suffered 12,600 reportable injuries. That amounts to an incidence rate of 5.4, which means that 5.4 out of every 100 full-time workers in this category suffered an injury that required reporting.

Natural resources and mining

This category includes farm workers and miners. Even though there were only around 200 reportable injuries in this category for 2022, it had an incidence rate of 4.4, which means a high percentage of individuals who choose this career path suffer on-the-job injuries. Notable hazards include mine collapses and the dangers of working with heavy equipment required for logging and farming.

Construction workers

The construction industry in Connecticut experienced around 1.300 injuries in 2022. The incidence rate is moderate at 2.3, but that’s still a number that could be lower. Construction workers are often exposed to hazards like falls from heights, accidents involving machinery and exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Trade, transfer and utilities

Trade, transfer and utilities encompass many jobs, including commercial drivers and electric linemen. These professions saw 9,700 injuries in 2022, but because of the high number of workers in these fields, the incident rate was 4.2.

Manufacturing workers

Manufacturing, a key sector in Connecticut’s economy, also poses various risks to its workers. There were 4,700 reportable incidents in 2022 in the manufacturing sector, leading to an incidence rate of 3.1.

Despite these dangerous occupations, Connecticut remains a relatively safe state for workers. Overall, it had the ninth-lowest fatality rate for workers in the country in 2022. But this statistic doesn’t account for non-fatally injured workers, including those who may need workers’ compensation benefits due to an injury related to job duties.