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Workers’ Comp Benefits For People Who Have Suffered An Electrocution Injury

Electricity is one of the most powerful and dangerous forms of energy on a job site. Everyone works to take great care not to put themselves at risk when they know they are working near a source of electricity. Electricians have various safety precautions that they utilize to minimize risk to other workers and themselves.

A large number of the electrocutions that happen in the workplace happen when a worker comes into contact with some source of electricity that he or she was unaware of. Common scenarios include:

  • A worker in a bucket truck making inadvertent contact with a power line
  • A worker digging with a backhoe hitting a buried power line
  • A worker being electrocuted by a faulty/ungrounded piece of machinery

In addition to potentially fatal cardiac arrest and damage to muscles, nerves and other tissues, electrocution causes serious burns. Burns are one of the more difficult types of injury to recover from. The pain, ongoing risk of infection and the possibility of various other health issues make recovering from burns difficult. Burn victims often need highly specialized medical care, including plastic surgery, to help them on their path to recovery.

Put Your Work Injury Case In Trusted Hands

At Gillis Law Firm, our attorneys have been helping injured workers since 1978. We have experience working with the best doctors in a wide array of different types of practice. We can help you find the medical care you need to help you recover from your burns and other injuries. Our firm’s experience helps us identify and hold accountable the party responsible for your injuries.

Part of building a strong case is based on illustrating how your injuries have changed your life. We gather all relevant medical evidence and then work with all appropriate experts to help us secure an accurate assessment of your medical needs going into the future. We work to make sure you have what you need today and down the road.

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