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Help For Passengers Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people fear that moment when a driving distraction on their part leads to an unexpected motor vehicle accident, or when a careless or drunk driver causes an auto accident and injuries. Yet, each year, thousands of car accidents affect the passengers of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

If you have been injured as a motor vehicle passenger, you already likely know that the accident was in no way your fault. Instead, you may be owed financial compensation from liable insurers.

Experienced Legal Help For Injured Passengers

The personal accident lawyers of Gillis Law Firm have represented thousands of injured clients and surviving family members of fatal auto accidents. If you need legal help following injuries you or a family member sustained as a car accident passenger, we can provide experienced assistance.

Have you been injured in a roadway accident as an innocent passenger? Contact a firm that has served the personal injury legal needs of the New Haven, Connecticut, area for more than 35 years. Call Gillis Law Firm at 866-603-9810.

Let Our Knowledgeable Attorneys Guide You

Innocent passengers may not be aware of their legal rights after a car accident. If you negotiate alone with your insurance company, you may not get as much money as you deserve in the wake of the accident.

In vehicle passenger injury claims, generally it is one of the drivers (or both) who are liable. That means you need to negotiate with their insurance companies. In filing a successful claim, you must prove both the following:

  • One of the drivers is responsible
  • The full extent of your injuries

At Gillis Law Firm, our experienced team will help you document your injuries and negotiate with the responsible driver’s insurance company to get you the help you need. Remember, a personal injury claim is about negotiating with insurance companies. Even if you have a good relationship with the driver of the vehicle you were in when it crashed, you will be negotiating with his or her insurance company, which will be looking out for its own interests. That means you need someone to protect your own interests as well.

Hurt While Using Uber Or Another Ridesharing Company?

Passengers injured while in a ridesharing vehicle, such as Uber, are also able to recover for their injuries under Connecticut law.

If injured while using a ridesharing service, you need an attorney who understands how to negotiate with insurance companies regarding vehicle passenger claims. Let our knowledgeable attorneys provide you with experienced counsel as you recover from your injuries.

A Track Record Of Excellent Results — No Recovery, No Fee

Our lawyer team is skilled at preparing personal injury cases and presenting them in negotiations and at trial. Our success is reflected by multiple high-value settlement and jury awards.

We are proud of our policy of charging no fee unless we obtain recovery, which is a policy we have followed since our firm was founded in 1978. To reach an attorney team with decades of experience in handling vehicle passenger injury cases, contact our firm.

Take Action Today

If you were injured as a passenger, call 866-603-9810 or email us for a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced attorney at Gillis Law Firm. Hold negligent parties accountable, and get the compensation you deserve. Our firm employs a Spanish-speaking paralegal, and offers evening and weekend appointments when necessary.