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Pursuing Compensation For All Types Of Accidents

Left-Hand Turns are a frequent cause of accidents. A driver making a left-hand turn must pay attention to several things at once, which can make left-hand turns more dangerous.

Side-impact accidents, which are also commonly referred to as T-bone accidents rank among the most dangerous types of motor vehicle crashes. Vehicle occupants are highly vulnerable to cars and trucks striking from the side. Also, air bags don’t always inflate or provide adequate protection in T-bone crashes.

Head-on collisions tend to result in especially catastrophic injuries, and therefore the need for extremely expensive medical care, including in-home care and modified vehicles. Additionally, we feel that a diminished quality of life should result in the highest possible compensation.

We have also represented numerous victims of rear-end collisions. Every responsible and experienced driver has safely slowed or stopped while approaching slowing or stalled traffic on freeways, in intersections, at red lights and stop signs and in numerous other situations. It can be frustrating, then, to experience serious injuries due to a driver’s failure to avoid rear impact

Sideswipe Collisions

Pileups And Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Rollover Accidents

Vehicles that are top heavy, such as an SUV, van or a pickup truck, can rollover in a motor vehicle accident. Additionally, reckless driving, excessive speeding or drunk driving, even in a coupe or sedan can cause a car to flip over on impact.

Regardless of the cause, rollover accidents can result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers alike. The roof may collapse or a seat belt may fail, causing further damages and injuries. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a rollover accident, the New Haven rollover accident attorneys at Gillis Law Firm can help.