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The Top Five Things You Should Look For In A Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in a car accident and need help paying medical bills and other costs associated with your recovery, you likely have numerous questions, not least among them which attorney you should turn to for help with your situation.

At Gillis Law Firm, we believe we can provide you with experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate representation. Because we believe in ourselves and our capabilities, we invite you to compare our firm with others in the area. Below are five criteria we have found to be essential for car accident attorneys.

1. An Attorney With Experience And A History Of Results

Experience is more than just the number of years an attorney has been practicing. Experience also includes the quality of representation and the type of cases the lawyer has been taking. At Gillis Law Firm, Joseph L. Gillis and Edward M. Gillis each have more than 20 years of legal experience.

2. Knowledge Of The Local Courts

It is one thing to go to law school and understand basic legal concepts. It is quite another to have practical experience in local courts and understand the intricacies of Connecticut law as applied practically to individual car accident cases.

As a second-generation law firm, the personal injury lawyers at Gillis Law Firm understand how to best represent your interests during your case. We can tell you what to expect during your case. We know how to bring a case to trial. We have been bringing personal injury cases in Connecticut courts for decades.

3. Accessibility

If you have been injured, you may have noticed that it can be difficult to get the response you want from your insurance company. You may feel as if you are treated as a number or a liability for their bottom line, not as an injured person doing your best to recover after a devastating car accident.

At Gillis Law Firm, you will speak directly with your attorney. Someone who understands your situation and the options you have. You will not be shuffled off to a paralegal.