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Report Urges Connecticut To Pass New Laws To Make Its Roadways Safer

Many motorists in Connecticut have experienced a situation where they narrowly avoid being in a car crash. These near-misses often provide an excellent reminder of how important it is to practice safe driving habits. While the state has taken a very aggressive approach to distracted driving, there are still opportunities to improve safety for all motorists.

A recent report by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety examined traffic safety rules across the United States. Connecticut ranks in the middle of the pack, as the agency feels that the state could pass additional laws that would cut down on the number of injuries and deaths happening in car accidents.

The report recommends that officials pass a law that requires individuals in the back seat of vehicles to be required to wear seat belts. Currently, the state only requires individuals in the front of the vehicle to use seat belts. The agency also stresses that Connecticut needs to pass an open-container law, which would prohibit having open containers of alcohol in vehicles. This could significantly reduce the number of drunk driving accidents happening on the state’s roadways.

One new law that recently went into effect requires Connecticut motorists to remove snow and ice from their vehicles before driving. This includes commercial vehicles such as semi trucks. The removal prevents “ice missiles” from being launched off of vehicles and hitting other motorists who may be near.

State legislators have expressed concerns about their ability to pass and enforce some of the laws suggested in the report. Several efforts have been made to make roadways safer, and some feel that it is up to automakers to start making improvements that make their vehicles more crash-resistant.

Some accidents may seem very minor at the time. There may only be damage to vehicles, and all of the occupants may say that they are all fine after the crash. However, if you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you should see a doctor to make sure that you have not suffered any injuries. Some head or back injuries can be difficult to detect at first, which may make it impossible to connect the condition to the accident.

You should also speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in recovering compensation from the individuals that caused the crash. Your attorney can advise you throughout the process, and can present your claims in the courtroom if your case ends up going to trial. You should not let insurance companies take advantage of you at such a difficult time.