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3 Tips for documenting your injury

The best way to prove you were injured in an accident is to make sure the situation is well documented. Even the most apparent injuries may be disproved if these crucial steps are missed.

Here are a few tips to make sure your injury is well-documented after an accident.

1. Visual evidence

One of the best ways to document something in this day and age is to take photos. Taking a photo of your injury after you get it helps substantiate your claim because, in addition to showcasing the physical trauma you suffered, the time and date stamp on the image will also help prove that the injury was associated with the accident.

After you seek medical attention, your injury should begin to heal. Documenting this may also be useful to prove the length of time it took for the injury to heal. This may help the courts understand the full extent of the injury's costs. For example, if the injury prevented you from working, you can show how long you lost those wages.

2. A second opinion

Seeking medical attention after you receive your injury is one of the best ways to officially document your condition. A doctor's professional opinion lends a credited account of the legitimacy of your claim. Medical professionals can also give you an estimated cost for any treatment or equipment that will be required for your recovery.

One major mistake that many people make after seeking medical attention is to stop making visits. Continuing to follow up with your doctor through your recovery gives a witness to the length of time you spend during this process.

3. Time is of the essence

Each state has a statute of limitations that gives a plaintiff a certain amount of time to file a personal injury claim. In Connecticut, the deadline is typically two years from the accident.

However, you should file as soon as you are aware that you have suffered an injury at the hand of a negligent party. Asking the advice of a professional can help you gather all of the necessary documents to substantiate your claim.

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