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How long does an injured worker have to file for workers' comp?

After suffering a workplace injury, a New Haven resident must report their harm to their employer. The reporting should be immediate, but if the worker must seek immediate medical attention to preserve their health and welfare, the reporting may be slightly delayed. Non-emergency incidents should be reported immediately, and workers who delay in the reporting of their harm may face challenges later on when they work to receive workers' compensation benefits.

The reporting requirement is just one of the important elements of a workers' compensation claim that an injured party must meet to protect their right to financial support. Another requirement that they must meet is the filing requirement. According to the statute of limitations applicable to Connecticut workers' compensation claims, a worker has either one year or up to three years to file their workers' compensation paperwork.

The one-year statute of limitations applies in cases where injuries are suffered, and the three-year statute of limitation applies when a worker develops a workplace illness. The three-year period begins on the date that the worker first began to suffer symptoms of their work-related illness.

It is important that individuals who have suffered harm while on the job get their own legal counsel so that they may develop the most appropriate strategies for their individual workers' compensation claims. There is generally no benefit to a worker to hold off on filing their claim for workers' compensation benefits. Over time, their claim may be weakened by other intervening forces and may be more difficult to prove. However, readers of this post are reminded that this blog offers no legal advice.

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