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There are many reasons that workers' comp claims are rejected

An on-the-job injury can force a New Haven resident to miss time from work and to lose the pay they need to meet their obligations. When such accidents and incidents happen, workers may have options to seek workers' compensation to get relatively quick payments to keep them going until they can get back to their jobs.

However, not every claim for workers' compensation will be approved. This post will look at some of the common bases for rejection that workers' compensation requests receive.

One of the most common reasons that workers' compensation claims are rejected is that there are not enough facts to support the claims that what the injured person was doing at the time of the accident was job related. Workers' compensation is only for injuries sustained during the course of a person's job, and if a person is found to have been doing personal projects or engaged in horseplay when they were hurt, their claims may not be approved.

Another reason that workers' compensation claims may be denied is the failure of hurt employees to follow important procedures. For example, workers must notify their employers when they suffer harm and must provide them with information about their injuries. If they do not keep up with their procedural responsibilities, their claims may be denied.

A denial of a workers' compensation claim can be detrimental to a hurt worker and their family. Getting the steps of the claims process right can mean the difference between an approval and denial. Lawyers who work in the workers' compensation support field can help their clients stay on the right track to get the financial resources they need.

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