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External factors that contribute to dangerous truck accidents

Many of the truck accidents that happen on Connecticut roads are caused by drivers who are simply negligent in the operation of their vehicles. Like the drivers of small vehicles, truck drivers can succumb to distractions, exhaustion, and frustration while behind the wheels of their rigs and can make poor choices that cause them to put the lives of themselves and others in danger.

Truck accidents, though, can be caused by external factors as well. These factors, if present, may give truck accident victims additional defendants to include in their lawsuits for damages and greater opportunities to seek the recovery of their losses. For example, one external factor that can cause truck accidents is the unrealistic expectation of companies that drivers will be able to make speedy deliveries.

Readers are asked to consider a truck driver who picks up their cargo on Monday in Orlando, Florida. They are heading for New Haven, Connecticut, and have to cover the more than 1,000 miles by end of business on Tuesday. Based upon the amount of time it will take the driver to make the trip, the delivery schedule imposed upon them may force them to stay up too late and drive when they are too tired to safely perform their duties.

Other external factors that can cause truck accidents include the failure of companies to properly train their drivers as well as pay structures for drivers that penalize drivers for taking their time. These factors can cause truck drivers to make dangerous choices about what to do and can put innocent lives at risk when drivers are influenced by external factors.

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