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Driver demonstrates how many can be in danger of one hit-and-run

Standard procedures for a car accident in every state requires both drivers to pull their vehicles over to the side and let other drivers pass as they attempt to sort their mess out. If the damage is too much, they will have to stay in place and wait for the police and possibly ambulance to show up to help clean up the crash. Unfortunately, some people who still have a moving car after a crash may have a different idea in mind.

Guilty motorists that flee the scene after crashing into someone put multiple people at risk. The victim did not get their insurance information and will have to endure a tedious process of acquiring coverage through a different method. However, drivers that flee a crash have a higher chance of creating more victims in the process. Evidence of this is present from a reckless driver’s failed escape attempt in Hartford earlier this week.

One mistake after another

On the morning of Tuesday, October 24, a female driver hit a bicyclist and put him into critical condition. Rather than stop to help the cyclist, she tried to leave the accident scene and ends up crashing into a small, yellow school bus. She then attempts to escape on foot before local law enforcement finally catches her.

The police gave her a field sobriety test and expect her to receive charges of DUI, reckless driving, attempting to flee the scene, driving without a license and resisting arrest. Three of the six students on the bus were sent to the hospitals for minor injury treatment, and the bicyclist is expected to make a full recovery from the crash.

The risks of fleeing the scene

Aside from facing multiple charges of breaking the law and resisting arrest, this woman shows how dangerous a hit-and-run can be for other drivers in the area. Her escape attempt made her less focused on the road in an already inebriated state and led her to crash and put her and a couple of students’ lives at risk. Regardless if the driver was drunk or not, those who attempt to flee after a crash lack proper concentration and try to drive faster to avoid arrest, often leading to further damages if it is on a highway or heavily populated area.

Victims of hit-and-run drivers do not deserve to suffer from someone attempting to avoid liability for damages they caused. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in filing a claim against the guilty party so you can get the medical coverage you need.

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