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Who is most likely to drive distracted, it's not who you think

The stereotype of a teenage girl many of us have in our head is of a chatty, giggling, phone addict who is completely lost in their own world. When that scenario translates inside of a car, it is an easy recipe for a case of distracted driving. However, it may surprise you that according to a new study, it is not young women, but young men that are more prone to distracted driving.

The findings were reported from a Norwegian study which looked at personalities and driving habits of high schoolers and adults. It is interesting to point out that very few of the study participants labeled themselves as someone who drove distracted, but patterns emerged regarding who was more likely to drive distracted.

Phones, radio and conversing are all to blame

As much as a young man might love and cherish his car, conclusions of this study are finding they like to do other activities while driving that puts the car and them in danger. One of the biggest distractors for young men is the radio. If it's to choose the right song, tweak the bass or find out exactly what the sound system can do, they are doing this while driving and not attending to these tasks prior to the trip.

Do you drive a lot, are neurotic or have an outgoing personality?

It isn't just young men fiddling with the radio or messing around with their phones while driving, the study also reveals those who drive a lot tend to find a distraction too. This means boredom or excessive time in the car, which keeps people from other tasks, makes them grab for their phone or the radio dial.

Do you have a neurotic or extroverted personality? If so, you are also more likely to look for distractions while driving instead of concentrating on the road.

Not surprisingly the study also showed that people who believe that distracted driving is no big deal and is widely acceptable were more likely to allow themselves to be distracted.

Who is most likely to steer clear of distracted driving?

The image of a little old lady barely seeing over the steering wheel with both hands on top of the wheel could be concerning, but older women were shown to be on the side of attentive driving and were less likely to be distracted.

If you feel you have a strong will with exceptional self-mastery, then chances are you don't drive distracted either. The ones who answered most assuredly about not driving distracted were people who feel they can control themselves and didn't let distractions get in their way while driving. Hopefully, this will soon be all of us.

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