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Tractor trailer accidents can be deadly in Connecticut

Motorists in Connecticut, and all other states, often share the roads with tractor trailers and other large, commercial vehicles. While this is typically not a matter of concern, a big rig that becomes involved in a crash can turn what might have been a run-of-the-mill fender bender into a deadly pile-up. As roads and highways become increasingly crowded, these types of truck accidents seem to be more and more common.

A more dramatic example of the tragic consequences a tractor trailer crash can entail occurred recently on Route 9, near Cromwell. A big rig was traveling southbound in early morning traffic. The truck was in the far-right lane of traffic on the highway, when it veered across the left lane and into the median. The semi passed all the way through the median and entered the northbound lanes.

The tractor trailer then struck another vehicle and crossed all the way to the guard rail on the far side of Route 9, also hitting a tree as it came to a stop. Both the truck and the passenger vehicle were severely damaged. The truck driver was killed in the crash, and the other driver was injured and transported to a hospital for treatment.

Because of the weight of such vehicles and the force they create when involved in crashes, big rigs increase the chances for more serious injuries and even death. There is no way to undo the consequences of a tractor trailer crash, but victims and their loved ones may be entitled to compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can offer advice and can help decide what the best course of action should be.

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