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Annual Connecticut ceremony reminds of construction work perils

It is common knowledge that construction is one of the most dangerous types of work a person can do for a living, particularly commercial construction. When something goes wrong on a construction site, the results can be personal injury or even death. Folks in Connecticut have been reminded of this every year for the past three decades, when they mark the anniversary of the worst construction accident in state history.

On April 23, 1987, the L'Ambiance Plaza apartment complex in Bridgeport collapsed. The 16-story residential complex was being built at the time of the collapse, and all 28 of the workers inside the structure were killed instantly. The L'Ambiance tragedy was one of the worst modern construction accidents in United States history.

Blame for the accident was placed on the lift slab construction technique that was being used to erect the building. Investigators theorize that the collapse occurred when high stresses on the concrete floor slabs resulted in cracking. After the tragedy, Connecticut halted use of lift slab construction in the state. Each year, people gather at a ceremony in Bridgeport to remember the victims and to mark the occasion of the tragedy.

If a worker or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, they may be entitled to recover financially for their injuries. In some cases, their recourse may be through the workers' compensation system, but in other instances, depending on the circumstances of the accident, personal injury litigation may be the appropriate course of action. Victims of construction accident injuries should seek the advice of a seasoned lawyer to have their case evaluated to identify how best to proceed.

Source: Connecticut Post, "Ceremony held for the 31st anniversary of L'Ambiance Plaza collapse," John Burgeson, April 23, 2018

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