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Distracted driving from cell phones increase fatal road accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accident fatalities are on the rise, especially in connection to distracted driving caused by people checking their phones. This rise in deaths caused by distracted driving in Connecticut has many people are interested in finding a solution. Across 25 states, more laws have been put into place to limit distracted driving and this legislation is working.

How much have distracted driving deaths risen over the past few years

Deaths from distracted driving were at a 16-year high, with a total of about 43,000 deaths for the 2021 year. Deaths were on the rise as more people headed back onto the road after the COVID-19 restrictions that were in place throughout most of 2020. In fact, motor vehicle accident deaths were up by about 10.5%. Additionally, deaths related to accidents due to speeding and those that involved vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds were also up over the previous year.

How accidents due to distracted driving can be prevented

Many motor vehicle accidents are completely avoidable if people stop doing things like eating and checking their cell phones while driving. Most people know and agree that distracted driving is dangerous, but most people also continue to engage in activities that constitute distracted driving anyways. But in the 25 states that have laws against hand-held phone use while driving, insurance rates, crashes, and traffic deaths have fallen.

Other factors that drove up fatal accidents in 2021

Additionally, since people were driving on more unfamiliar roads, this also caused a spike in accidents. And since more people weren’t wearing their seat belts, this further created more possibilities for fatalities. Plus, because roads were designed to get people from one place to another as quickly as possible without emphasizing safety, it’s even easier for people to get into accidents, especially as the rates of drunk driving and speeding rose.

People who are looking for ways to lower their risk of dying in an accident due to distracted driving should remain focused on the road, avoid cell phone use, and buckle up every time they’re on the road.