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Why driving on ice/snow can be hazardous

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The winter season in Connecticut and throughout the northern part of the U.S. poses some of the greatest dangers to drivers. Not only are the roads riddled with potential hazards, but the lighting is often much dimmer than the rest of the year. All those factors combined can and often do lead to severe car accidents. The following includes further information on some of the biggest dangers you may face while driving through ice and snow.

Black ice

When there is ice on your property, it is usually easy to see. That is because it’s often laying on something with a variety of colors, such as your lawn. However, that ice doesn’t just accumulate around the home but also on the streets people drive on each day. This ice is called black ice for its ability to camouflage itself onto the road’s natural color.

So, how can you tell if it’s there or not? The best way to protect yourself from it is to assume it’s already there. This means driving slower than usual and making sure you are not taking fast turns.

Snow and lack of visibility

In addition to being slick, snow leads to poor visibility. Unfortunately, a lack of visibility is often what leads to various motor vehicle accidents. Snow can not only blur objects in the distance, but it can also cause your windshield to become dirty, thus reducing your view of the road.

Being prepared

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect your vehicle and yourself from being involved in an accident is to prepare. This means taking in your car for a tune-up before the winter months roll in. It is also important to remove as much snow and dirt from your windshield each time you are getting ready to hit the road.

Driving during the winter months can be hazardous, and that’s why accidents tend to increase during this time. It is important to have an attorney at the ready if you are ever involved in a collision with another vehicle.