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3 steps to take after a workplace injury

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Construction and day laborers often take precautions when working. For instance, individuals may follow safety regulations or join a union. 

Accidents happen, however, and when they do, employees must understand their options. These three tips can assist individuals in handling an injury responsibly. 

1. Determine the seriousness of an injury

Common workplace accidents include ladder falls, burns, getting hit by a falling object and equipment malfunctions. Sometimes the victim of the injury feels better the next day while other times he or she might not be able to work for weeks or longer. Individuals must determine if they suffer financial or medical hardship as a result of an accident. 

2. Inform the employer

Workers should inform their manager or supervisor about an injury. Connecticut law states that individuals should report an accident within one year and an occupational disease within three years. 

Connecticut law also requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which means that individuals may be able to seek compensation for medical bills or a portion of the salary that they could not earn because of their injury. It is always a good strategy to consult with an employer before seeking legal recourse. 

3. Contact the state

Individuals who feel that they should receive compensation but are unable to do so through their employer can file a claim through the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission. An individual can fill out a series of forms to explain the nature of an injury. Depending on the circumstances, victims may also have to appear before a Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. 

Keep in mind that a successful resolution to a case is never immediate. Individuals should strive to maintain a patient outlook as they seek a fair outcome to an injury. 

Jobs involving equipment manipulation or physical movement can be dangerous. If an injury happens, then understanding how serious it is, informing an employer and possibly filing a claim through the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission can start the path toward a favorable resolution.