How Does The Injury Claims Process Work?

Guiding You Through The Personal Injury Claims Process

When you have been injured in an accident, you will likely have extensive expenses. To ensure that you are properly compensated for your damages, it is important to seek help from experienced personal injury lawyers.

At Gillis Law Firm, our attorneys have handled all types of personal injury claims. We can help negotiate with insurance companies and explore other avenues of potential compensation to help you recover what you deserve.

Insurance Claims

When it comes to auto accidents, there are two types of insurance claims you may pursue. A first-party claim is one that you file with your insurance provider, while a third-party claim is one that you file with the insurance provider of another person or business. The type of claim you file depends on who was primarily to blame for the accident. If you caused an accident while driving your car, you will likely want to file a first-party claim with your insurance carrier. If you were hurt by a negligent driver while crossing the street, you will want to file a third-party claim with that driver’s insurance provider.

You should report the accident to an insurance company as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours. The insurance provider will open an investigation and may request evidence such as photos of the accident scene and a detailed statement. The insurance provider may also require you to submit to an independent medical examination. Having a lawyer on your side to help guide you through this process and who can negotiate a potential settlement is invaluable. We will work hard to help you recover the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

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