Can I Appeal A Denied Claim?

Getting The Help You Need

If you have made an auto accident-related claim that has been denied, you may not know where to turn next. The good news is you can appeal a denied claim. To give you the best chance at a successful appeal, you should seek help from an experienced lawyer.

At Gillis Law Firm, our attorneys have handled numerous personal injury claims throughout Connecticut. We can help with both initial claims and appeal any denied claims.

Car And Health Insurance Claims

Many people make the mistake of talking with their insurance company or accepting a settlement without first seeking legal advice. Insurance providers will rarely give you an initial settlement that covers the full extent of your damages. In addition, they will sometimes use your words from an official interview to justify limiting their settlement offer. We can help strengthen your claim for property damage and medical expenses. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and will not recommend taking a settlement if we believe it is not in your best interest. If an insurance provider outright denies your claim, we can explore your options for appeal.

Appealing Lawsuits

If you choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, it is essential to have skilled legal help in your corner. Lawsuits are denied or dismissed all the time. If an issue is not raised at trial, it cannot be appealed. Our attorneys can put together a favorable claim and preserve your right to appeal should any of your claims get dismissed or denied.

Has Your Claim Been Denied? Contact Us To Find Out If We Can Help.

A claim denial does not have to be the final word. To schedule a free initial consultation with our attorneys, call our law offices in New Haven at 866-603-9810. You may also contact us online.