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Fatal New Haven crash claims one life

There are many reasons for car accidents; however, when motorists travel on the roadways, they do not expect to be involved in one. These incidents can be tragic, resulting in severe injuries and lost lives. In the events of fatalities, this can be challenging for loved ones to cope with, as they never expected to suddenly lose a family member because of the negligence of another motorist.

What is third-party liability?

Readers are asked to imagine driving down a busy New Haven street. As they work their way through traffic, navigate around pedestrians and avoid bicyclists, a large commercial truck suddenly hits them from behind. As a result of the collision, the victim-driver suffers broken bones, a concussion and other forms of physical injury and loss.

Victims of pedestrian-auto accidents have options

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians often have tragic ends. While some victims succumb to their injuries and leave their families contemplating wrongful death claims to cover their losses, other victims are left with long-term injuries, pain and suffering. Connecticut residents who have been hit by vehicles while traveling on foot may have rights to seek compensation for their accident-related harm.

Is drunk driving a problem in Connecticut?

There is an easy answer to the question posed in the title of this post: drunk driving is a problem everywhere that it happens, including the state of Connecticut. New Haven residents may have firsthand knowledge about the damage drunk drivers can cause when they crash their vehicles and inflict injuries on those who are near them. It is not uncommon for drunk driving accident victims to suffer broken bones, tissue damage and other serious harm when drivers who are impaired hit them.

Liability when an auto-pedestrian accident happens

If a New Haven resident is harmed in a roadway accident, they may have the right to sue the party that caused their harm if that party was liable for the damages suffered by the victim. Liability may apply to a party who acted negligently, recklessly, criminally or who had a duty to act and failed to do so. Being liable for someone else's injuries may require a person to pay for the losses their victim has sustained.

Speak to an attorney after a slip-and-fall accident

Slips-and-falls can be embarrassing accidents that leave individuals in awkward positions and struggling to move if they have suffered harm. While some of the slip-and-fall accidents that individuals suffer are self-inflicted, many Connecticut residents are hurt each year when they trip, stumble and fall due to the negligence of other parties. These accidents can happen when people fail to keep their homes and yards maintained, when stores fail to keep their floors clean and dry and when a number of other negligence-based actions occur.

Who may file a wrongful death claim in Connecticut?

While it may seem as though any death should be considered wrongful, deaths that are caused by the negligent or intentional conduct of others are classified as wrongful deaths under the law. When a person dies due to the actions of another, their surviving family members may be left with emotional grief and financial challenges as they fight to move their lives forward. In Connecticut wrongful death claims may help those who are left behind after the losses of their loved ones.

Distracted driving involves more than cellphone use

It is hard to do anything while distracted. A parent may struggle to make dinner while their child pesters them with questions, and a worker may fight to get their tasks done when their boss continually adds more responsibilities to their workload. When a Connecticut resident's attention is split between different objectives, they can make costly mistakes with regard to everything they are trying to do.

Fatal car accident kills one on Thanksgiving Day

On a day when many Connecticut residents were visiting with friends and reconnecting with distant family members, another family was grieving for the loss of a loved one. On Thanksgiving Day, a 29-year-old woman was killed when the vehicle she was riding in was hit by another car. That driver failed to slow down for traffic in front of them.

The holidays are here and so are more delivery trucks

Connecticut residents who are ahead of the holiday gift-buying game may have already finished making their purchases for their friends, family members and co-workers. Everyone else, though, may be waiting for Black Friday deals and the rush of last-minute shopping that so many people undertake each and every December. While some may still walk into brick-and-mortar stores to make their gift selections, more will shop online and have their purchases delivered to their doors.

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