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Why car accidents occur

Car accidents that take place on Connecticut roads and highways may be caused by distracted drivers, impaired drivers or because of a defective vehicle. They may also be caused by poor weather or the presence of an animal trying to cross the road. In some cases, you...

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Safety risks of drowsy driving

Connecticut motorists cannot help but be a little safety-conscious on the road. Drivers can become negligent in any number of ways. They can use their phone, get behind the wheel drunk and even drive while drowsy. Drowsy driving leads to some 328,000 car crashes every...

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The dangers of drowsy driving

When you get behind the wheel of a car in Connecticut, it is vital that you are rested and have gotten proper sleep. Otherwise, you could be placing yourself and other motorists on the road in danger. Many people simply do not understand the dangers of fatigued...

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Why do car accidents happen?

Motor vehicles are both convenient and very dangerous. Crashes are among the leading causes of death and injury in the United States, which is why it makes sense for drivers to want to engage in harm reduction practices. While it's impossible to completely eliminate...

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