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Understanding the significance of a traumatic brain injury

Over the last decade, a number of stories have been published regarding the serious condition of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. This is also referred to as CTE. This condition results when individuals suffer ongoing trauma to their brains and has appeared in football players, soldiers and others who suffer repeated trauma to their heads. While CTE is a major problem for individuals who work in physically demanding fields, anyone can suffer brain injuries and damage when they are involved in accidents.

In fact, a Connecticut resident may suffer a concussion from what may appear to be a minor bump to the head. When they slip on a store's wet floor, hit their head on their steering wheel during a car crash or suffer a head injury in another way, the impact of hitting their head may be enough to trigger damage in the brain. Harm to the brain can be classified as traumatic and traumatic brain injuries can require long-term treatment and care.

Traumatic brain injuries can leave individuals with disturbed concentration, focus and pain. Serious traumatic brain injuries can result in comas and even death. Not everyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury will be able to have a full recovery, and some who suffer serious brain damage may need support and care for the rest of their lives.

Individuals who suffer head injuries as a result of accidents can and should seek medical attention to have the best possible outcome for their suffering. When their injuries and losses are caused by the actions of others, they may want to seek compensation for their damages. Personal injury litigation may be an effective path for them to get the financial help that they need. This legal action can help with the recovery of compensation and holding a negligent party accountable for their wrongdoings.

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