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Driving distractions lead to dangerous truck accidents

Life is busy and is filled with distractions. According to data provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 71% of crashes involving large trucks happen because the trucks' drivers were distracted. Just like the drivers of smaller vehicles, truck drivers can lose focus on their driving tasks when cell phone use, eating, speaking to dispatch services and other distractions take precedent over their operating responsibilities. When these lapses in focus happen, it is often the unfortunate result that innocent parties on the roads with the trucks suffer harm and losses.

Truck drivers should not allow external or internal distractions take their focus away from driving. External stimuli like billboards, road signs, interesting vehicles and others can cause drivers to look away from their roads they are driving on, and in a matter of seconds, they may collide with other vehicles and cause serious roadway accidents.

Internal distractions can take on many forms, and as previously mentioned, cell phones can be a major cause of driving inattentiveness for truck drivers. Texting while driving, sending and reading emails, surfing the internet, watching streaming programing and many other cell phone functions can be dangerous and even deadly when they lead drivers to look at their screens instead of their surroundings.

It may come as no surprise to readers of this Connecticut personal injury blog that truck accidents can be traumatic situations. Trucks are big, heavy and cause a lot of damage when they plow into smaller vehicles and the people who are riding inside of them. In the wake of a damaging truck accident, victims may wish to discuss their options with personal injury attorneys who may help them discover if distraction was a factor in their accident. This information could help them in their pursuit of a civil action to recover compensation for their losses and damages.

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