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Can a victim sue a store where they slipped and fell?

Despite the fact that many Connecticut residents do an abundance of shopping online, most people still have to visit brick and mortar stores from time to time. When they do, they are subjected to potential risks and existing hazards that are present therein. Accidents like slips and falls can happen in retail centers when store owners fail to exercise their duty of care to their patrons.

One common hazard that shoppers may encounter in stores is wetness on floors. In the winter, individuals may track in snow and ice that melts into slippery wetness, and in some stores, broken products may leak onto floors and cause hazards. When shoppers step on wet surfaces, slip, fall and suffer injuries, they may have rights to pursue personal injury claims.

Courts will look at if stores acted reasonably in addressing the hazards that harmed the complaining shoppers. If a store was aware that it was raining outside, failed to put out a mat, failed to clean up puddles inside of their doors and failed to put up signs warning patrons of the wetness, they may be found to have failed in their duty to their customers. However, if a product spills on the floor of a store and a patron slips on it moments after the accident occurs, it may be more difficult to prove the store failed in its duty since it may not have had time to respond to the hazard.

Facts are important when victims of slip and fall accidents are building their cases for the recovery of their damages. Setting up a pleading to prove all of the necessary elements of a negligence claim can make a big difference in whether a victim's request for damages is honored. A personal injury action can be complex, making it important to understand the process and what rights and options one might have.

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