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What types of burns can Connecticut workers suffer?

A minor burn can be an irritation that a person must live with until it heals. Some people suffer burns when they stay in the sun for too long without skin protection, and others have made the painful mistake of grabbing hot pans without pads for their hands. Burns can be suffered in many different ways, and workers are susceptible to burns from many different sources.

The most commonly recognized burns come from touching hot surfaces. Workers can suffer these painful injuries whether they work in industrial facilities, restaurants or even manufacturing. In addition to hot surfaces, burns can arise when individuals have contact with hot liquids or steam.

Chemical burns can be very serious and do not always require heat to cause damage. Chemicals like acids and lye can cause serious trauma to the skin and workers who are not given the right protection may suffer serious injuries from their contact with such substances. Additionally, contact with radiation can cause burns for those who must work with it for their jobs.

Finally, electricity can burn individuals who work in the construction and power industries when wires are not safely secured and precautions are not taken. Serious burns can be life-threatening and can cause significant pain and disfigurement to those who experience them.

When a worker suffers a burn while performing their job duties, they should let their employer know about their injury when it is appropriate. Medical care should be sought out, and once they have been treated for their burn injuries, the worker may want to discuss their options. A workers' compensation action could help an injured worker address these losses.

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