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Extra care is required near child pedestrians

Ask any New Haven parent and they will tell you that living with a child is an adventure. Though their emotions can be strong and their impulses can be unpredictable, children are generally full of joy and easy to love. However, all children can find themselves in dangerous situations when they are on or near local roads. Children that are pedestrians can be hurt or even killed when drivers fail to take extra precautions in their presence.

There are several reasons that child pedestrians are often the victims of collisions with automobiles. One reason is that they are small and often hard for drivers to see. A child who does not stand higher than the hood of a vehicle may be difficult for a driver to view if they run out into a street. Drivers who operate their vehicles while distracted can put children in danger since they are even less likely to see the kids.

Another reason that children are often hurt in crashes with cars is that they are less likely to make good choices about when it is safe to cross roads. A child may misjudge how much time they have to get from one side of a street to the other and may put themselves in the path of a moving vehicle. A driver must be prepared to stop when children are present because they can make dangerous decisions.

Since child pedestrians can pose hazards, it is important that drivers take extra precautions in areas where they are present. When driving near schools, parks and other locations where kids spend time, drivers must exercise extra care regarding their surroundings. Drivers who fail to do so can be held liable for the personal injuries they cause to their child victims. Through a civil action, these drivers could be held accountable and help victims recover compensation for their losses.

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