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“No Recovery, No Fee”

When another person's negligence causes a victim to suffer losses

From an early age, some children will learn that life is not always fair. In households across Connecticut, brothers and sisters may find that they are punished for the actions of their siblings regardless of their involvement in any alleged wrongdoing. They may be asked to help in ways that are unrelated to any problems that they caused or they may be put to work on projects that have no apparent bearing on their lives. Sometimes people have to pick up the slack for others and it may not always seem like the just thing to do.

However, when it comes to personal injuries and litigation, victims should not have to carry the burdens for those who caused their harm. For example, when a drunk driver causes a vehicle accident and a victim suffers a broken bone, that victim should not have to absorb the costs of healing themselves: the party that harmed them should be held accountable for the damage they inflicted.

At the Gillis Law Firm, victims of personal injury accidents are treated with respect and kindness. Their claims are addressed individually, as no two lawsuits will ever include the exact same facts and circumstances. The attorneys of the firm offer their clients information and support to learn about what options they have under the law and what they can do to protect their interests.

The mistakes of a negligent party are not the responsibility of their victim to fix. Personal injury lawsuits can avail victims to methods of recovering their losses through awards of damages. More information about personal injury claims can be found on the website off the Gillis Law Firm.

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