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When a large truck causes a crash, who is responsible?

Large trucks and commercial vehicles haul goods across the country with efficiency and care. The drivers who operate such vehicles are required to hold special licenses to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the special rules and characteristics that apply to 18-wheelers and other massive automobiles. However, despite the many precautions and regulations that are in place to manage the safety of large trucks on the roads, many are involved in dangerous collisions that put the lives of Connecticut residents at risk.

When a truck accident happens, it can be obvious for a victim to want to hold the driver of the truck responsible. After all, that individual is the one who was operating the truck when it caused the victim to suffer their injuries and harm. However, it is important that victims look beyond truck drivers when they are considering liability for their losses.

A truck driver may be employed by a company to carry their goods from place to place; as such, the company may also hold liability for the losses the driver caused. In some cases, drivers do not own the trucks that they drive; therefore, a truck owner may be responsible for putting an unsafe vehicle on the road. Insurers and other entities can also have some liability when collisions between trucks and vehicles happen.

A truck accident can be a devastating event for a victim to live through and a challenge for them to move past without financial recovery. A lawsuit for the recovery of a victim's damages should include all of the parties who may hold responsibility for the harm they suffered. Their personal injury attorney can provide them with assistance in assessing how best to prepare their pleading. This can help them hold a negligent party or parties liable while also collecting compensation for losses suffered.

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