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What can victims do after motor vehicle accidents?

Car accidents happen on New Haven streets each day, although many of them are minor collisions. They may not result in injuries, and in some cases the vehicles involved may be able to drive away without incident. The parties who were affected by the crashes may be able to handle the recovery of their losses through negotiations with the others' insurers.

However, not all accidents are this simple. When serious collisions occur, victims may suffer personal injuries, property damages and other significant losses. The financial toll of getting back on their feet may be astronomical, and they may not be able to return to their regular life without support and rehabilitation. The first thing a victim should do is to ensure their physical injuries are treated.

After a motor vehicle accident, it is important that a victim document their losses. This can mean retaining medical bills and other evidence of the costs they were forced to take on due to the other driver or drivers' negligence. They can secure other forms of evidence as well, such as photographs of their accident scene, contact information for parties that were involved or who witnessed the event and even video recordings if they equipped their vehicle with a dash camera.

A victim of a motor vehicle accident should never forget that they have rights under the law. Personal injury claims like those that often develop out of car accident situations may be litigated in the civil courts of the state. With the support of a personal injury attorney, a motor vehicle accident victim may prepare an effective pleading. This could help the victim secure the recovery they deserve to become whole in the wake of their collision.

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