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Rights of trespassers who suffer slip-and-fall accidents

New Haven residents may choose to invite friends and family members over to their homes in order to celebrate holidays or other special events. Before their guests arrive, they may make preparations, such as ordering food and having their home cleaned. If they need to do repairs to important areas of their home where their guests may go, they may undertake home projects to ensure that those who they invited over will be safe.

Homeowners undertake these steps because they want their guests to be safe from any problems that may exist in their homes. They know that they will have individuals who are unfamiliar with their homes' quirks in them; therefore, they must make it safe from issues that could be hidden from the eyes of their visitors. However, when a property owner does not know that someone is going to be going on their land or in their home, they may not prepare their property or residence for safety.

Individuals who enter onto the land and property of others without permission are trespassers, and generally, trespassers do not have premises liability rights to sue if they slip and fall on the parcels or in the homes of others. Because there is no expectation that they be where they are, property owners have no expectation to ready their property for visitors.

Different classifications of visitors, such as trespassers, invitees and guests, all have different rights when it comes to recovering losses sustained from property-based slip-and-fall accidents. Connecticut residents who endured harm while on the land and in the properties of others should take the time to consider their option to file a personal injury claim. It is important to become well informed of one's options so they can protect their rights.

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