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Loss is a requirement of a negligence-based personal injury claim

Negligence happens in many different situations. It can occur on the roads when a driver fails to check their blind spot, colliding with another vehicle. It can happen when a store owner fails to clean up spilled water on the floor of their establishment and a customer slips and falls. Negligence leads to many accidents in New Haven each year, and claims based on negligence must successfully plead certain elements.

How does visual recognition relate to motorcycle accidents?

Using a motorcycle as one's primary mode of transportation is appealing to some New Haven residents. That is because with its compact size and relatively good gas mileage, motorcycle can be an economical and convenient way to get around. The thrill of riding a motorcycle is also a draw for many individuals, though people who are interested in purchasing them should be aware that motorcyclists are often the victims of collisions with other automobiles.

Get legal help when preparing a workers' compensation appeal

To an injured worker, a claim for workers' compensation benefits may be clear. If their injury happened while they were on the job, doing tasks that were assigned to them by their employer, they may fail to see how their claim could possibly be denied. However, it is an unfortunate fact that some Connecticut workers experience just this dilemma when their claims are rejected, leaving them with no financial support.

Fatal New Haven crash claims one life

There are many reasons for car accidents; however, when motorists travel on the roadways, they do not expect to be involved in one. These incidents can be tragic, resulting in severe injuries and lost lives. In the events of fatalities, this can be challenging for loved ones to cope with, as they never expected to suddenly lose a family member because of the negligence of another motorist.

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