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Victims of pedestrian-auto accidents have options

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians often have tragic ends. While some victims succumb to their injuries and leave their families contemplating wrongful death claims to cover their losses, other victims are left with long-term injuries, pain and suffering. Connecticut residents who have been hit by vehicles while traveling on foot may have rights to seek compensation for their accident-related harm.

The option to sue is available to individuals who wish to put forth claims for their losses. Pedestrian accident victims generally must be able to prove that the driver of the vehicle that hit them was negligent or reckless in the execution of their driving. They must be able to show that they suffered harm and the compensation they seek is justified to help them become whole.

The option to use a demand letter is also something that pedestrian accident victims may consider before they move to litigation. A demand letter is directed to a responsible party or their representative. In it, a victim sets forth their claims and the amount of money that they believe would compensate them for their damages. If a responsible party chooses not to respond to a demand letter, a victim may decide to file a claim in court for their losses.

Knowing what to do and how to approach ones options after suffering harm in a damaging auto-pedestrian accident can be complicated and may depend on a number of relevant factors. Thus, it can be helpful for victims in this difficult situation to seek the counsel of personal injury attorneys. These legal professionals can assist their clients with making important decision about the protection and enforcement of their rights.

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