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Who may file a wrongful death claim in Connecticut?

While it may seem as though any death should be considered wrongful, deaths that are caused by the negligent or intentional conduct of others are classified as wrongful deaths under the law. When a person dies due to the actions of another, their surviving family members may be left with emotional grief and financial challenges as they fight to move their lives forward. In Connecticut wrongful death claims may help those who are left behind after the losses of their loved ones.

However, family members are not entitled to file wrongful death claims in the state. It is only the personal representative of the decedent or the administrator of their estate that may pursue a wrongful death claim in the civil courts. Wrongful death claims may be pursued from the parties that caused the deaths and different forms of damages may be sought through the litigation.

An estate administrator or personal representative may seek damages to cover any medical expenses the decedent incurred prior to their death, as well as the costs of their funeral and end of life preparations. With the help of a personal injury attorney they may find that their claim avails them to other forms of damages.

A wrongful death can change the course of a family's collective life and may inflict unexpected financial strain upon those who are left without a loved one. Though litigation may not be the first inclination of those who are struggling to accept a loved one's death, it is important that they remember that the state's statute of limitations will cause wrongful death claims to expire and become unavailable.

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