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Distracted driving involves more than cellphone use

It is hard to do anything while distracted. A parent may struggle to make dinner while their child pesters them with questions, and a worker may fight to get their tasks done when their boss continually adds more responsibilities to their workload. When a Connecticut resident's attention is split between different objectives, they can make costly mistakes with regard to everything they are trying to do.

This is especially true when one of the tasks that a person is attempting to accomplish is driving. Driving is a necessary part of many people's days, but unfortunately, a time when some choose to engage in other activities as well. It is not uncommon for New Haven residents to see other drivers sending text messages or making cellphone calls while driving down local roads and highways.

Cellphones have contributed to a growing trend in distracted driving, but readers should know that driving distractions can take on many forms. Drivers who eat their meals behind the wheels of their cars are distracted by food and drinks, while drivers who brush their hair and put on make-up while driving are distracted by personal grooming.

Driving distractions can come from other passengers, music, maps and a host of other items. There is no one thing that constitutes a driving distraction, but one fact is certain about distracted driving: it is dangerous to everyone on the road. Victims of distracted driving crashes and collisions should be aware of their rights and possible options for seeking compensation. Litigation based on negligence and personal injury law may give them ways to recover their losses and move their lives forward.

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