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December 2018 Archives

Speak to an attorney after a slip-and-fall accident

Slips-and-falls can be embarrassing accidents that leave individuals in awkward positions and struggling to move if they have suffered harm. While some of the slip-and-fall accidents that individuals suffer are self-inflicted, many Connecticut residents are hurt each year when they trip, stumble and fall due to the negligence of other parties. These accidents can happen when people fail to keep their homes and yards maintained, when stores fail to keep their floors clean and dry and when a number of other negligence-based actions occur.

Driving at night can be dangerous, risky and deadly

Winter can bring with it many obstacles when it comes to driving. Whether it be snow, ice or just extreme cold. But another danger that comes with winter is extended hours of darkness. Even if you are not a night person and do not like to go out at night, you may still need to drive in the dark on a commute in the morning or after you leave work.

Who may file a wrongful death claim in Connecticut?

While it may seem as though any death should be considered wrongful, deaths that are caused by the negligent or intentional conduct of others are classified as wrongful deaths under the law. When a person dies due to the actions of another, their surviving family members may be left with emotional grief and financial challenges as they fight to move their lives forward. In Connecticut wrongful death claims may help those who are left behind after the losses of their loved ones.

Distracted driving involves more than cellphone use

It is hard to do anything while distracted. A parent may struggle to make dinner while their child pesters them with questions, and a worker may fight to get their tasks done when their boss continually adds more responsibilities to their workload. When a Connecticut resident's attention is split between different objectives, they can make costly mistakes with regard to everything they are trying to do.

There are many reasons that workers' comp claims are rejected

An on-the-job injury can force a New Haven resident to miss time from work and to lose the pay they need to meet their obligations. When such accidents and incidents happen, workers may have options to seek workers' compensation to get relatively quick payments to keep them going until they can get back to their jobs.

When beverages burn

As temperatures grow more frigid, customers will swap out their regular iced tea drink orders for warmer options, like coffee or hot chocolate. Eager for that first sip, many of us have accidentally burnt our tongue on a hot drink around this time of year.

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