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November 2018 Archives

Fatal car accident kills one on Thanksgiving Day

On a day when many Connecticut residents were visiting with friends and reconnecting with distant family members, another family was grieving for the loss of a loved one. On Thanksgiving Day, a 29-year-old woman was killed when the vehicle she was riding in was hit by another car. That driver failed to slow down for traffic in front of them.

The holidays are here and so are more delivery trucks

Connecticut residents who are ahead of the holiday gift-buying game may have already finished making their purchases for their friends, family members and co-workers. Everyone else, though, may be waiting for Black Friday deals and the rush of last-minute shopping that so many people undertake each and every December. While some may still walk into brick-and-mortar stores to make their gift selections, more will shop online and have their purchases delivered to their doors.

Pedestrian crashes on highways can complicate to litigation

Though it can happen, it is not common for Connecticut residents to see pedestrians on the state's interstate highways. When individuals are spotted out of their vehicles and on or near high speed roads it is usually because they have been involved in accidents or because their vehicles have become disabled and they are not able to drive. More rarely, individuals may enter on to highways to cross them or because they provide a direct route to the pedestrians' destinations.

External factors that contribute to dangerous truck accidents

Many of the truck accidents that happen on Connecticut roads are caused by drivers who are simply negligent in the operation of their vehicles. Like the drivers of small vehicles, truck drivers can succumb to distractions, exhaustion, and frustration while behind the wheels of their rigs and can make poor choices that cause them to put the lives of themselves and others in danger.

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