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What is an inhalation injury?

Thousands of times each day, Connecticut residents engage in breathing even when they are not aware of doing so. The body of a healthy individual prompts the person to take inhalations and exhalations to provide the system with the oxygen it needs and to rid it of the substances it must release. Breathing is a necessary part of maintaining life, and when it is compromised, a person's health can quickly deteriorate.

One of the most devastating ways that a person can suffer breathing problems is through experiencing an inhalation injury. An inhalation injury can happen when harmful substances are breathed into the body during respiration. Examples of harmful substances can include but are not limited to chemicals, smoke, fine particles and gases.

When harmful substances enter the body through respiration, a number of different parts of the body can be hurt. The lungs may struggle to operate to guide respiration, and the victim's throat may be affected by burns or the production of additional phlegm. Inhalation injury victims can suffer from headaches, stuffy or runny noses, chest pain, and many other problems.

Inhalation injuries can happen in different environments but unfortunately many occur while victims are performing their jobs. Whether they are exposed to dangerous substances without their knowledge or are not given the right equipment to protect themselves, inhalation injury victims may have rights. After seeking treatment for their injuries and informing their employers of their conditions, victims can learn more about their legal rights and options by contacting workers' compensation attorneys that they know and trust.

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