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Representation after a life-altering motorcycle accident

Connecticut residents may equate riding a motorcycle with experiencing a feeling of freedom on the state's highways and roads. With no vehicle structure surrounding them and few if any passengers distracting them, a motorcycle rider is in a real sense one with the road that they are traveling.

Motorcycles can be effective modes of transportation but it is an unfortunate truth that motorcycles can also be dangerous when other drivers fail to respect their presence on the roads.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the failure of other drivers to see them. Drivers who fail to check their mirrors and blind spots often collide with motorcyclists and cause them to suffer injuries in these crashes. Motorists also miss seeing motorcycles that are coming toward them and can hit them when making turns or merging into different lanes.

Motorcycle accident injuries can be devastating, and the same lack of vehicular structure that offers motorcyclists a closer driving experience to nature also causes them to suffer serious injuries when they are involved in crashes. Surviving a motorcycle accident can be difficult, and paying for the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be financially crippling.

In the wake of a motorcycle collision a victim is encouraged to learn about their options under the law for seeking the recovery of their damages. Victims should not have to pay for the harm others caused them, and the attorneys of the Gillis Law Firm are strong advocates for victims who want to hold the responsible parties liable for their injures. More information about the Gillis Law Firm and its personal injury practice can be found on the firm's website with additional information about its attorneys and history.

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