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Distracted driving can be fatal for motorcyclists

Distracted driving is often thought of as just texting and driving. However, individuals can suffer from driving distractions in a myriad of different ways. On the roads and interstates that cross through Connecticut, individuals are put in danger each and every day by individuals who would rather focus on tasks besides the operation of their vehicles.

Drivers can become distracted because they are using handheld devices like cell phones, but they may also become distracted if they choose to talk to passengers or fiddle with their vehicle sound systems. A driver can become distracted by the meal they are trying to eat as they drive or by the makeup, razor or brush they are holding while they try to get ready as they travel down the road.

A distracted driver is a driver who is bound to make a mistake while suffering from displaced attention. While distracted drivers can hit other passenger vehicles, vans, and trucks, motorcycle riders are others who often suffer life-threatening harm from collisions with these individuals. A distracted driver who neither looks for a motorcyclist nor expects to see one as they change lanes makes a risky move that could lead to the motorcyclist's death.

Motorcycles are small and often overlooked by other vehicle drivers. When drivers are distracted they are even less likely to take the time to take in their surroundings and to be sure that there are no motorcyclists operating in their vicinity. When a distracted driver causes a motorcyclist to suffer losses and injuries, that victim should be ready to assert their rights and to pursue their damages so that they can once again be made whole.

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