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Why are falls such a common workplace injury?

It does not matter what industry that a Connecticut resident works in: there is always a way that they could suffer a dangerous fall while on the job. Though it may seem more common for individuals employed in the construction and manufacturing fields to be more prone to injuries from falls, a fall can happen to anyone, wherever their job takes them.

According to the National Safety Council, more than 500 American workers lost their lives in fall-related accidents in 2013. These included incidents in retail, transportation, construction, and even public service. For every death from a fall suffered by an American worker, though, even more were hurt in falls and forced to take time off of work to recuperate.

Falls happen when workers are not given the right equipment or training to do the jobs they have to do. For example, a construction worker may suffer a fall if they are not trained to use safety equipment to catch them if they fall from a significant height. Similarly, a clothing store worker may fall if they try to use a table or display to climb on to reach something instead of a ladder or other appropriate device.

When a worker suffers a fall there is a good chance that they will have to miss some work to get to the doctor and to heal from their injuries. While they do they may suffer losses in income. When a workplace injury or accident happens, a victim should understand their rights so that they do not miss opportunities to pursue their losses or to seek financial support from their employer's workers' compensation plan.

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