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The role of vicarious liability in personal injury accidents

A vehicle accident between two private individuals may leave few questions regarding liability for the resulting crash. For example, if a driver runs a red light at a New Haven intersection and collides with another car, the negligent driver will likely be held responsible for the victim's damages and losses.

However, more questions may arise if the mentioned scenario is changed to make the negligent driver a trucker carrying a load for their employer.

While it still may be argued that the trucker was the one who caused the crash, the victim may be able to include in their pleading for damages more possible defendants. That is because the trucker's employer has legal responsibility for putting the drivers on the road.

Even if not a driver's employer in the technical sense, a trucking company may still be responsible for allowing a negligent driver to operate and put others in the path of danger.

The employer of the trucker may be vicariously liable for the trucker's actions through the legal theory of respondeat superior. This legal theory makes employers legally responsible for what their employees do and don't do while on the job. Just as a parent may be responsible for remedying the damages their children cause, an employer may be liable for the damages caused by those they employ.

The important thing for readers to take from this post is the fact that liability may extend to additional parties if they suffer injuries due to the actions of others who are on the clock. To further investigate third party liability issues, readers should contact their trusted personal injury attorneys for case-specific guidance.

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