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Drivers responsible for preventing pedestrian collisions

An accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle may cause serious harm and trauma to the victim who is traveling on foot. In Connecticut, pedestrian accidents happen with some frequency and can often be prevented by the use of proper care by drivers. Many factors can contribute to the occurrence of pedestrian accidents and when drivers are mindful of their operating practices they may play an active role in lowering their rate of collisions with walkers, runners, and other individuals who travel under their own power.

One way that drivers may help reduce pedestrian accident incidents is by avoiding distracted driving. Distracted driving causes collisions between vehicles, but it also causes crashes between pedestrians and cars. When drivers fixate their attention on their phones, maps, food, or hygiene, they may lose the ability to see what is in front of them, including pedestrians crossing roadways in crosswalks.

Another way that drivers may avoid collisions with pedestrians is to be cognizant of their surroundings, particularly when children may be present. In areas where schools, parks, and other community centers are located drivers may expect to see children. Children do not always exercise the best judgment when it comes to roadway safety and therefore drivers may be subjected to an elevated duty of care when they operate where children may walk and play.

A pedestrian accident can be a damaging and even fatal occurrence. In the wake of such a tragedy, a victim may be left with life-altering harm or a family may be left without one of its beloved members. Personal injury claims are often available to victims to suffer losses through these tragic and preventable occurrences.

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