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When a vehicle accident or serious slip-and-fall incident causes a victim to suffer painful injuries, they may feel like their situation is completely unfair. In many such situations, victims are innocent bystanders or unsuspecting casualties of other people's negligent conduct. Even when a person tries to stay safe and do everything right, they may still suffer when others disregard their duties of care and put others in the path of danger.

A personal injury victim is right to feel as though their situation is wrong. They may be stuck with all of the costs of their recovery even though they had nothing to do with the cause of their pain and suffering. It is through the law and the courts of Connecticut that victims may find their justice and the repayment of their losses from the parties who caused them.

A claim for one's personal injury losses is built off of the premise that the person who caused the victim's losses owed them a duty and failed to exercise that duty. Through that breach of duty the victim was harmed and their harm was caused by the breaching party. When the elements of such a claim are properly pleaded, a victim may be awarded their damages.

Therefore, getting a personal injury claim right the first time can help a victim work toward the efficient pursuit of their accident-related losses. The Gillis Law Firm zealously fights for personal injury victims and helps them tailor their claims to meet their specific legal needs. The firm maintains a website with information on its personal injury practice and readers are invited to visit the firm online.

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