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September 2018 Archives

The role of vicarious liability in personal injury accidents

A vehicle accident between two private individuals may leave few questions regarding liability for the resulting crash. For example, if a driver runs a red light at a New Haven intersection and collides with another car, the negligent driver will likely be held responsible for the victim's damages and losses.

Why are falls such a common workplace injury?

It does not matter what industry that a Connecticut resident works in: there is always a way that they could suffer a dangerous fall while on the job. Though it may seem more common for individuals employed in the construction and manufacturing fields to be more prone to injuries from falls, a fall can happen to anyone, wherever their job takes them.

Drivers responsible for preventing pedestrian collisions

An accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle may cause serious harm and trauma to the victim who is traveling on foot. In Connecticut, pedestrian accidents happen with some frequency and can often be prevented by the use of proper care by drivers. Many factors can contribute to the occurrence of pedestrian accidents and when drivers are mindful of their operating practices they may play an active role in lowering their rate of collisions with walkers, runners, and other individuals who travel under their own power.

Advocates for Connecticut personal injury victims

When a vehicle accident or serious slip-and-fall incident causes a victim to suffer painful injuries, they may feel like their situation is completely unfair. In many such situations, victims are innocent bystanders or unsuspecting casualties of other people's negligent conduct. Even when a person tries to stay safe and do everything right, they may still suffer when others disregard their duties of care and put others in the path of danger.

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